A modular system designed to handle the commercial, operational, and managerial needs of freight forwarders.


The Softcargo Commercial Module helps your sales department function more efficiently and gives you better visibility throughout your operations. This module features integrated interfaces that allow you to import quotes directly into the system. This functionality eliminates the need to rekey data, saving time and improving accuracy.

The Commercial Module can help you and your team stay on top of your business with automatic alerts that inform you of quotes coming due, and full visibility of the status of any quote. Purchase quotes can be linked to the sales module, making the information instantly available across your organization with the touch of a button.

Efficiencies are built into this module. It allows you to clone purchase quotes that come through the system frequently. All you need to change are the variable costs, and nothing more.


  • Receive quotes from air/ocean/road carriers and agents
  • Import quote information via proprietary interfaces, thus avoiding the entry of the same information manually
  • Keep track of quotes, which can be assigned expiration dates
  • Clone a purchase quotation to avoid re-entering information, you only change the value-varied costs
  • Receive automatic alerts about due quotations


  • Directed sales quotes to your customers
  • Send sales quotes in multiple formats, such as .pdf, .xps, and email
  • Link purchase quotes to sales to avoid rekeying shipment costs
  • Clone a sales quote to avoid re-entering information, you only modify the varying value costs and nothing more
  • See the status of each quote any time (DRAFT, SENT, ACCEPTED, COSTING, etc.)
  • Give vendors access to an organizer module where they can schedule their tasks (MEETINGS, VISITS, CALLS), which can be supervised by the commercial manager
  • Receive automatic alerts about quotes that are due
  • Automatically send emails with instructions or news to various departments
  • Follow up with all messages sent and received for each quote


The Reports part of the Commercial Module tracks quotes from the time their issued through to their acceptance or rejection. You can see accurate information on the progress of each vendor and their contributions. This versatile tool can issue customized reports that analyze the effectiveness of your sales department down to the level of each employee. The reports this module generates are able to be exported to Microsoft Excel and Apache OpenOffice.


  • Use this versatile tool to issue various kinds of reports
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your sales department, or individual sales people
  • Keep track of when a quote is entered, and how many days it takes to send to the recipient
  • Export reports to Microsoft Excel and Apache OpenOffice


The Customer Service Module links your commercial department with your traffic department. It allows you to co-ordinate shipments from the time a quote is accepted right through until the cargo is loaded.

This module also allows your customer to keep up to date with the status of their cargo, giving them the ability to download invoices, paperwork, or even photos of the merchandise before and after packing.

Many operations in the module are automated, allowing for more efficient and accurate operations. The system can issue notifications such as cargo notices, routing orders, shipping confirmations, notices of arrival, pre-alerts, and more.


  • Link sale and purchase quotes for accurate tracking and to avoid re-entering information into the system
  • Generate alerts to inform you of the status of a quote, or to prompt follow up
  • Co-ordinate the delivery times of goods
  • Issue different notifications to all parties involved in the shipment: cargo notices, routing orders, shipment confirmations, notices of arrival, pre-alerts, and more
  • Know at a glance whether necessary notifications have been sent, and the system will automatically log all communications sent to and from the system
  • Attach documents in multiple formats (scanned files, documents, photos, videos, etc.)
  • Generate reports that focus on different metrics; these reports are exportable to Microsoft Excel and Apache OpenOffice


With the Operations and Documentation Handling Module, you can easily issue documentation such as manifests, bills of lading, dangerous goods declarations, air waybills, and much more. This module works with all modes of transport: air, ocean, road, export and import.

The module gives you the ability to clone documents for repeat shipments, saving you time and decreasing the chance of data entry errors.


  • Create consolidated shipments
  • Issue documentation, such as manifests, bills of loading BL, HBL, HAWB, AWB, CRT, dangerous goods declarations, labels, or tags
  • Access previews of the documents mentioned above
  • Generate reports focusing on various aspects of your business, which are exportable to Microsoft Excel and Apache OpenOffice
  • Automatically calculate bonuses and commission related to your shipments and liquidate the CASS
  • Analyze performance for master, house, or direct operating profitability and fiscal analysis for master, house, or direct
  • Follow up with all messages sent or received from the commercial module
  • Clone shipments that are repeated in time and reduce data-entry time
  • Attach documents in multiple formats (scanned files, documents, photos, videos, etc.)
  • Generate comprehensive billing instructions to the Accounting dept.
  • Send purchase provisions to your accounting department
  • Receive automatic alerts based on the departure or arrival of ships/cargo ships
  • Managing air waybills
  • Create your own customized reports in different languages


The Softcargo Operative Reports Module is designed to help you make informed management decisions. This powerful tool analyzes your company’s operations, creating customizable reports and graphs.

The module gives you insight into myriad aspects of your operations. You can find out which agents or carriers you work with most, giving you a point to negotiate prices on. You can also analyze the efficiency of your own workforce, allowing you to allocate resources more efficiently.

The reports from this module are fully customizable, allowing you to highlight the data that is important to you and your operations. Once compiled, you can export these reports to either Microsoft Excel or Apache OpenOffice.

Some examples would be the following:

  • Know which agents you work with the most
  • Analyze how many shipments particular agents routed
  • Know which carriers you work with the most
  • Archive rates negotiations
  • Analyze sales activity
  • Create your own report formats
  • Export reports to Microsoft Excel or Apache OpenOffice

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