This Powerful WMS Gives You And Your Customers Visibility Over Warehouse Operations.


Softcargo offers a powerful warehouse management system as part of its suite of logistics software. The WMS module is completely integrated with the other modules, enabling data to move seamlessly form module to module.

Softcargo’s WMS enables you to generate all necessary documents easily and quickly – this includes warehouse receipts, packing slips, labels, and more.

This solution gives you full visibility throughout the warehouse, enabling you to quickly and accurately find goods in the warehouse, and analyze inventory using customizable criteria.

The WMS also gives your customers visibility of their inventories via a web portal, and they can also give handing instructions for their goods via the same portal.


  • Create your own 3D warehouse models
  • Easily generate all documents such as warehouse receipts, packing slips, etc.
  • Check merchandise at the packaging or product level
  • Determine locations of goods in the warehouse
  • Generate incomes, expenses, divisions, groupings and merchandise endorsements
  • Easily create your base tariff for services
  • Quickly analyze warehouse inventory
  • Generate packaging labels
  • Take advantage of the natural linages with SC-FORWARDER and SC-PARAMETRIC
  • Check tasks assigned to your workers
  • Allow your customers to follow their inventories on the web
  • Integrate peripherals to collect data and barcodes
  • Control merchandise distribution according to instructions from customers
  • Receive merchandise handling instructions from your customers via the web

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