Our expertise in freight, logistics, and transportation has given us the tools to build powerful software that make freight more efficient

Our Company

We created Softcargo back in 1995 with the aim of developing innovative software solutions for the freight forwarding and international trade industries. Our expertise in freight, logistics, and transportation gives us the tools to build powerful software that makes freight more efficient. We are constantly working to innovate and improve our products.

Currently, we have a presence throughout the Americas and in Asia. We are committed to the continuous development of new applications, services, and technologies. We are also committed to fostering strategic knowledge and commercial alliances throughout the region. Our recent acquisition by global logistics software company WiseTech Global will only increase our capacity to innovate and expand.

Our story

We formed Softcargo with the aim of developing software solutions for the international freight forwarding market. There was, and still is, tremendous opportunity in this market.

Our expertise in freight forwarding, logistics, and transportation has helped us build applications that are tailor made for the industry. Developing this software has been a long road, but we have welcomed the challenge.

Our customers’ input and co-operation has been invaluable to us on this journey. Their knowledge, ideas, and suggestions have helped us make our systems universally useful. Together we have built a series of powerful tools that can help power global trade.

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Our Mission

Providing computer services in foreign trade and logistics that add value to the management of our clients by developing new solutions and constant technological upgrading of our tools. Ensuring the welfare and development of our shareholders, employees, collaborators, and their families.

Our Vision

Being an organization front line of the national and international market for solutions for the trade and logistics industry.

Our Office

Softcargo has a presence in more than 20 countries across the Americas and Asia


Softcargo frequently has opportunities to join our team. Employees of Softcargo have many opportunities for personal and professional growth in the exiting world of logistics and international trade. If you are creative and tenacious, please drop us a line to discuss current openings.