An Administrative And Accounting System That Is Entirely Oriented Towards Freight Forwarders.


This module is a full administrative and accounting system that is linked to Softcargo’s other modules. This allows you to process billing, purchases, collections, payments, orders, cost provisions, and more.

The Administrative Accounting System allows you to work with more than one currencies, giving you the power to consolidate all currencies in either your local currency or into US dollars.

With this integrated accounting tool, you can generate balance sheets, check balances, and see account statements, accounting books, analytical reports, statistics, and more.

This solution also allows you to easily audit information across all the modules, creating a fully integrated solution that connects with all aspects of your business.


  • Process the billing, purchasing, collections, payments, payments orders, provisions costs
  • Control receivable and payable accounts
  • Work with a multi-currency scheme
  • Generate balances, accounting books, analytical reports, statistics, and auxiliary books (ledgers)
  • Check banks, bank reconciliation, management and check printing
  • Create customized reports
  • Consolidate currencies into your local currency or US dollars
  • Control delinquency, credit limits, collection, and payment deadlines
  • Automate the opening and closing of fiscal years
  • Create graphs from processed data
  • Audit administrative information with operating module
  • Take advantage of the integrated electronic messaging box
  • Export reports directly to Microsoft Excel

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that we have made to the system and its different modules